part of Reso’s Tanzfaktor 2020
selected as one of aerowaves 40 winks 2020

The short piece Mmmh?! is looking for the physical expression of taste through the medium of dance: How does the body react to the spiciness of chewing a corn of pepper or big chunk of raw ginger? How do the dancers translate the juicy sourness of a lemon into their bodies? And what about the pleasant sweetness of caramel pudding?
In Mmmh?! the explosion of flavours are taking over the whole body, driving it into absurdity – giving the audience a different perspective on an everyday experience.


Concept/direction        Jenna Hendry
Dance/performance    Paola di Bella & Emeric Rabot
                                             or Emeric Rabot & Jenna Hendry
Original cast                   Paola di Bella, Paola Madrid,
                                             Balázs Posgay
Set                                      Jenna Hendry
Costumes                        Jenna Hendry in collaboration
                                             with the dancers
Fotos                                  Caroline Minjolle, Christian Glaus

Past performances:

19. – 20.01.2018           Fabriktheater Rote Fabrik
08.09.2019                    Eröffnung Tanzhaus Zürich
02. – 03.04.2020          Südpol Luzern – CANCELLED
24. – 25.04.2020          Performa Festival Ticino – CANCELLED
02.05.2020                    Tanzraum Herisau – CANCELLED
04. – 05.06.2020          TU – Théâtre de l’Usine – CANCELLED
18. – 19.09.2020          Fabriktheater Rote Fabrik
02. – 03.10.2020          TLH Sierre
30.10.2020                    Centre Culturelle de Delémont
27.11.2020                    Oltner Tanztage – CANCELLED
01.05.2021                    Tanzraum Herisau – CANCELLED
04. – 05.06.2021          Théâtre de l’Usine
20.11.2021                     Tanzraum Herisau
26.11.2021                     Oltner Tanztage